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Students Go To Campus

There are over 300,000 university students on 25 campuses across the Washington DC area. The potential for these students is enormous. Yet, the university environment assumes that God is irrelevant and is leading students to pursue life, wisdom, and purpose apart from from Jesus.

We Go To Students

InterVarsity goes to campus because we want to see students transformed, campuses renewed, and world changers developed. We want to build and grow vibrant witnessing communities of students, at universities across DC, where students are being invited into ongoing transformation through scripture study, training, mentoring, and in- depth relationships.

Students Go Out With God

We want to see students going out to every corner of campus with the good news of Jesus. We also want to see them become graduates who are going out to every corner of the world as followers of Jesus who are intentionally partnering in His work of restoration.

Here in the Washington DC area we have InterVarsity chapters at:


  Georgetown University     Bowie State University
  George Washington University     St. Mary's College of Maryland
  University of Maryland    

Upcoming Conference

D.C. Urban Plunge

Washington DC Urban Plunge is a whirlwind week in Southeast DC. We experience local culture, serve in local ministries and learn about how justice is an integral part of God’s good news for the world. A great opportunity for a fellowship to grow as a team and challenge themselves to encounter God in a new way.


Talk to the director KATE DENSON